​​M3 Cattle now has a small registered herd of Senepol!!


Senepol are 100% Bos Taurus cattle. They were developed on the island of St. Croix, US Virgin Islands by crossing N'Dama and Red Poll. Strict selection pressure was applied for:
1) Red color, good conformation and early maturity
2) No horns, good milk producers
3) Gentle Disposition
4) Definite heat tolerance  


​101C Polled Double Homozygous Slick Bull

​BGW 39S 1W 25Y

We love our Irish Blacks & Reds and we love our growing Registered Red angus cow herd... With that said,

Everyone is or should be trying to improve on what they have. Here at M3 Cattle Company we never just settle. We try new things whether it be in grazing management or cross breeding. That's why we ended up going all the way to TN, VA, and NC to purchase  some registered Senepol Cows and Bulls.

Our goal is to try an create a uniformed moderate framed heat tolerant cow herd that still packs a punch in performance traits! The Irish Black & Reds bring the pure sought after dominant gene traits, The red angus brings the performance and marketing ability. And The Senepol - brings just a little added heat tolerance into the equation.