Irish Black Replacement Heifer

012A Irish Red Herd Sire

Registered Irish Blacks & Reds

Everyone will always ask us "What are Irish Blacks & Reds?" and "how did M3 Cattle get into running them?"

Well, the answer is.., we were searching to find  line bred bulls to cross with our commercial beefmaster cows.  Irish Blacks & Reds are a Beef Fresian and Angus cross which has been line bred for over 40 years. The Beef Fresian and Angus breeds compliment one another producing a functional and productive off spring. We wanted to try the line bred  Irish Black & Red bulls to see if we could get a higher percentage of uniformity and likeness in a calf crop while still getting good performance.

 The Irish Blacks & Reds  excel in carcass quality, fertility and adaptability. The Cows & Bulls have great dispositions and are moderate in frame and size. The original M3 Irish Black & Reds we purchased are direct progeny from Maurice Boney's foundation cow herd. Maurice Boney is the founder of Irish Red and Black Cattle. M3 Cattle Company never planned to become a seedstock producer. However, we stepped off the seedstock producer ledge in 2012. We do not "push" our registered cattle. We run all of our registered cattle with the same philosophy and standards that we ran our commercial cows. These girls have to work for a living!

If you are interested in purchasing a bull or females or you would like to come view our registered Irish Blacks & Reds feel free to give us a ​call!!