Registered Irish Blacks & Reds

Irish Black Replacement Heifer

012A Irish Red Herd Sire

Everyone will always ask us "What are Irish Blacks & Reds?" and "how did M3 Cattle get into running them?"

Well, the answer is.., we were searching to find quality line bred bulls to cross with our commercial beefmaster cows. We needed bulls that would provide us with "TRUE" hybrid vigor and a more consistent uniformed calf crop the industry would be willing to pay a premium for. 

Our search led us to Irish Blacks & Reds. The Irish Blacks & Reds have been line bred to produce genetic purity, carcass quality, performance, fertility, adaptability, longevity, and moderate frame and size. Due to an on going drought in Colorado we were able to purchase some registered foundation cows along with a bull from the Gould Ranch in Fort Morgan, Colorado. The original cows we purchased are direct progeny from Maurice Boney's foundation cow herd. Maurice Boney is the founder of Irish Red and Black Cattle. M3 Cattle Company never planned to become a seedstock producer. However, M3 Cattle stepped off the seedstock producer ledge in 2012. We do not "push" our registered cattle. We run them with the same philosophy and standards we run our commercial cows. Everyone became so impressed with the Irish Blacks & Reds performance we gradually expanded. We now have two herds. A spring and fall calving herd. If you are interested in purchasing a bull or females or you would like to come view our registered Irish Blacks & Reds feel free to give us a ​call!!