Our original M3 Commercial cow herd started in 2002. M3 Cattle started with crossbred cows and bred them to Lasater Foundation Beefmaster Bulls. We then retained our heifers. We have always strived to follow the "Lasater Philosophy of raising cattle" including the six essentials: disposition, fertility, weight, conformation, hardiness, and milk production. 

    In 2006, we purchased Carl Rondstat's cattle from south of Wilcox, AZ. We also purchased the G-Bar-G cows from Capitan, NM. All of these cows originated at one time from the Foundation Beefmasters. We combined these two great cow herds with our own cows and retained 80-90% of our heifers. Our cows were expected to breed back every year within 90 days, on a ranch which ran 6 cows per 640 acres and where waters were up to 1.5 miles apart. If our cows did not breed back or lost a calf for any reason they were culled.

    The best of these cows daughters (ages 2-5) were then moved to Oklahoma during the drought of 2011-2013. The Beefmaster cows were then crossed with 100% Black Irish Bulls. We had great success with this cross and saw the demand for Irish Blacks & Reds in the commercial cattle industry. With the expansion of our Registered cattle herds we had to sadly decide to disperse our commercial Beefmasters. However, A great family from Western Oklahoma purchased the M3 Beefmasters! The Bill Barnett Family is now the current owner of the M3 Foundation Herd!


​​M3 Beefmasters